Welcome to Solar Bollard Lighting, home to the only "Australian Made and Owned" solar lighting manufacturer to be "Licensed" to proudly display the Green and Gold logo. Our award winning SBL Series with exports to over 35 countries, is complemented by the release of our all new SBL2 Series "Certified" IP68 & IK10 Solar Bollard Range, ensuring we continue to be the dominant market leader within this solar lighting sector

Solar Pathway Lights


  • Registered Design: 332890
  • Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2016
    • "Most Innovative Product Award
  • IK10 (IEC 62262:2002)
    • Certification No: 0828SOLSBL529
  • Photometric Testing:IESNA LM-79-08


    Australian Made

  • Licensee ID number: 7739


  • Innovation Patent No.: 2016102225
  • IP68 (AS/NZS 60529:2004 IPx8, IP4/6x)
    • Certification No: 0828SOLSBL529
  • IK10 (IEC 62262:2002)
    • Certification No: 0828SOLSBL529
  • Photometric Testing: IESNA LM-79-08


Solar Pathway Lighting

From vandal attack, monsoonal rain, crashing waves, golf ball size hail or daily snow coverage, no similar product out performs our Solar LED Bollard light design for durability or performance. Our solar bollard light PCB circuit design which is the main operational brain of these types of sealed devices, has been fully operationally tested in the field for over 12 years now since December 2005. This shows our solar LED pole top bollard light is the only proven and market tested product available to "CONFIDENTLY STATE" a minimum of 10 years operational life expectancy as a fact and not just a sales marketing ploy used by other solar light competitors who have not been around for anywhere near this 10 year time frame operationally here in Australia


Solar Bollard SBL2 Veterans Memorial Walk Duluth MN USA=
Solar Bollard SBL2 Veterans Memorial Walk Duluth MN USA
Solar Bollard SBL2 Veterans Memorial Walk Duluth MN USA
Solar Bollard SBL2 Veterans Memorial Walk Duluth MN USA
Solar Bollard SBL2 Veterans Memorial Walk Duluth MN USA

Solar Bollard Lighting focus on specific solar lighting requirements within the public and infrastructure sectors for some of the following applications:

    Solar Path Light

    Solar Pontoon Light

    Solar Garden Lighting

    Solar Play Ground Lighting

    Solar Emergency Lighting

    Solar Walkway Light

    Solar Jetty Light

    Solar Landscape Lighting

    Solar Driveway Lights

    Solar Stairway Lighting

    Solar Footpath Light

    Solar Marina Light

    Solar Mine Site Lighting

    Solar Pole Top Lighting

    Solar Street Light

Solar Beach Front Pathway Lights

In Australia the shortest night runtime is Darwin mid summer at 11.49hrs dusk until dawn on clear days, and mid winter is a minimum of 12.76hrs. The rest of Australia's runtime is up to 15hrs per night mid winter which our model range accommodates with ease. Most imported products only offer 10-12hr daily runtime which does not work for Australian conditions as they run short or completely flat. Our dome top design also makes it hard for birds to nest or debris to settle, as the flat top designs have this serious issue blocking the solar panel recharging the battery each day and there product eventually failing

Solar Snow Covered Pathway Lights

Our solar light has proved over its long market history to be the only commercial grade All In One solar powered bollard, solar pole top light, solar pathway light, or solar garden light suitable for continued solar lighting of projects for residential, commercial, mining and military applications from solar pathway lighting, solar path light, solar footpath lighting, solar walkway lighting, solar drive way lighting, solar jetty lighting, solar pontoon lighting, solar marina lighting, solar landscape lighting, solar garden lighting, and for so many other uses and applications.

SBL Company Over View

These types of solar lighting products around the world are known by various names such as

  • solar bollard
  • solar garden lights
  • bollard solar lights
  • solar way finding lights
  • solar pole top lights
  • outdoor solar lights
  • solar powered outdoor LED light
  • solar pathway light
  • solar led bollard lights
  • solar powered bollard light
  • commercial solar light
  • solar bollard lights

within many countries like Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia as some examples.

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