Heavy Duty Outdoor Commercial Grade and "Certified" Australian Made Solar Lights with 11 years circuit design proven operationally in the field using 100% Australian Made marine grade aluminium poles

Coming Soon - PATENTED new vandal resistant and submersible overhead solar pole top light with up to 19m pole centers on path widths up to 2m for P4 Category Lighting. Ideal for lighting of storm surge, floodplain and high vandalism regions in either fixed or relocatable design.

Welcome to Solar Bollard Lighting home of the only "Certified" Australian Made and "ORIGINAL" Vandal Resistant high impact outdoor SBL Series Solar LED Pole Top Commercial and Industrial Bollard lights and exported globally to over 25 countries already. The SBL Series solar light has proved over its long to market history it is the ORIGNAL No.1 commercial grade vandal resistant solar powered bollard pole top solar pathway light or solar garden light available for solar lighting projects for residential, commercial, mining and military uses from solar pathway lighting, solar path light, solar footpath light, solar walkway light, solar drive way lighting, solar jetty lighting, solar pontoon lighting, solar landscape lighting, solar garden lighting, and so many other more.

Solar Pathway Lights Japan
Solar Pathway Lights Japan
Solar Street Lights Japan
Solar Street Lights Japan

LATEST EXPORT PROJECT installed in Kobe Japan June 2016 - 170 x SBL150SW-1140IAPC + 66 x SBL150SW-HR -2840IAPC

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SBL Solar LED Light Company Presentation

From vandal attack, monsoonal rain, crashing waves, cricket ball size hail or daily snow coverage, no similar product can out perform our SBL Series Solar LED Bollard light design for durability or performance. Our solar bollard light PCB circuit design which is the main operational brain of these types of sealed devices, has been fully operationally tested in the field for over 10 years now since December 2005. This shows SBL solar LED bollard pole top light has the only proven and market tested product available to "CONFIDENTLY STATE" a minimum of 10 years operational life expectancy as a fact and not just a sales marketing assumption as used by other solar light competitor products who have not been around for anywhere near this amount time.

Solar LED Bollard Light in Snow
Solar LED Bollard Path Lights

These types of solar lighting products around the world are known by various names such as

solar bollard

solar garden lights

bollard solar lights

solar way finding lights

solar pole top lights

outdoor solar lights

solar powered outdoor LED light

solar pathway light

solar led bollard lights

solar powered bollard light

commercial solar light

solar bollard lights

within many countries like Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia as some examples.

Google YouTube Campus Solar Walkway Lights
Solar Street and Pathway Lights

Google's YouTube Campus HR models San Bruno, CA USA - Solar Pole Top Lights HR Model on pedestrian pathway in Tasmania

At Solar Bollard Lighting we focus on specific solar lighting requirements within the public lighting and infrastructure sectors with our SBL Series Solar Bollard for some of the following application examples:

Solar Pathway Lighting

Solar Pontoon Lighting

Solar Marina Lighting

Solar Play Ground Lighting

Solar Emergency Lighting

Solar Walkway Lighting

Solar Jetty Lighting

Solar Landscape Lighting

Solar Entry Delineation Lighting

Solar Stairway Lighting

Solar Driveway Lighting

Solar Garden Lighting

Solar Perimeter Security Lighting

Solar Pole Top Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Bollard Lighting's SBL Series Solar LED Bollard top dome design tries to ensure birds cannot utilise the solar bollard as a resting point like other competitor products as there is no flat surface or edge for them to grip on to. Having birds rest or nest on top of a solar bollard reduces dramatically the amount of irradiation into the solar module thus reducing recharge capabilities and imminent failure especially around coastal communities. This also eliminates the need for bird spikes and any harm to wildlife.

Solar Pontoon Lights TMR
Solar Pathway Lights

TMR Public Pontoon Townsville Boat Park Queensland - Stan and Ella Hilditch Statue in Newman Western Australia


SBL Series Options
SBL Series Options
SBL Series Options